Prospect of reintroducing Alice Springs' banned drinker register sparks debate

21. října 2014 v 23:51
The potential reintroduction of the controversial banned drinker register (BDR) in Alice Springs has sparked debate amid criticisms that the current policy of stationing police outside bottle shops is ineffective and racially divisive.The Alice Springs -Alcohol Reference Group (ARG), an advisory group putting together community strategies around alcohol management, is discussing recommendations for an alcohol management plan, and the return of BDRs has been raised.Some members have spoken out in support of the register which saw repeatedly offending problem drinkers placed on a list preventing them from buying takeaway alcohol.In March, information presented to an inquiry said alcohol-related admissions to hospital emergency departments had doubled after the removal of the BDR once the Country Liberals took office in 2012.

Armed intruder had penetrated farther into White House than admitted

21. října 2014 v 23:50
An armed intruder said by prosecutors to have been a threat to the president made it much further into the White House after jumping a perimeter fence than the secret service first admitted, according to damning new evidence to be heard by a congressional panel on Tuesday.Witnesses have told the House oversight committee that Omar Gonzalez overpowered an officer at the front door and was not stopped until he reached a separate room toward the back of the White House, according to testimony first reported by the Washington Post.After running past a stairway leading to the first family's living quarters, Gonzalez, a former army sniper, sprinted the 80-foot length of the East Room and was finally apprehended at the doorway to the Green Room - another formal room overlooking the South Lawn - the Post reports.

Anger in Tokyo after North Korea delays report on abductions

21. října 2014 v 23:49
Hopes for an imminent resolution to North Korea's abductions of Japanese citizens during the Cold War have dimmed after Pyongyang failed to produce a promised report on its initial investigation into the missing people.Having agreed to pass on their findings by the end of this month, North Korean authorities have said that the probe could last up to a year, sparking anger in Tokyo.Establishing the whereabouts of a dozen Japanese citizens snatched in the 1970s and 80s and taken to North Korea to teach their language and customs to communist agents is an emotive topic in Japan, where it is considered more important than Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.Five of 17 people on Tokyo's official missing list were allowed to return home with their families in 2002, but Japan has refused to believe North Korean claims that it had abducted only 13 people, and that the remaining eight had died.

Can art help to bring peace to Sudan?

21. října 2014 v 23:48
In the 1990s, as the war continued to escalate in southern Sudan, northern Sudanese activists arrived in conflict-affected areas in what was called a peace convoy.Initially the activists felt they were "mistrusted and no-one wanted to speak" to them, but after some days, this changed and people began to open up. Much the same has happened since 2011, when war broke out in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan and activists began pitching the idea of visiting the conflict areas and the refugee camps to send a message of solidarity.Sudan's conflicts have often involved areas on the marginalised periphery revolting against the more powerful and wealthy centre. There is a gulf between the people who live in these different areas.

Top Republican calls for US ground war amid fresh strikes on Isis

21. října 2014 v 23:47
The Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, on Sunday ramped up the political rhetoric over Syria and Iraq by saying American forces will need to be put on the ground in the battle against the Islamic State (Isis).Boehner's comment that at some point "boots have to be on the ground" marks a significant inflation in the terms of the debate over how to deal with Isis. President Barack Obama has repeatedly said US ground forces will not be used in the conflict, which on Sunday saw US-led strikes in Syria and the first British strikes in Iraq, though the Pentagon has ordered the dispatch of 1,600 US troops to Iraq for what it insists will be training and other support functions.

Mythbusters: help us find the truth about North Korea

21. října 2014 v 23:46
Have all North Korean students been required to get Kim Jong-un's haircut? Not likely, say reports from the ground. Did Kim Jong-un order an enemy of the state to be executed by flamethrower? There's no solid confirmation. Was Kim Jong-un's wife killed? Claims appeared one day and then she appeared in video footage a day later.NK News, a Guardian network partner, has said that rumours based on anonymous sources lead to "an echo-chamber effect" in a mainstream media hungry for information.We want you to help us turn this on its head. Do you have a myth you'd like us to try and debunk? Or a burning question you've always wanted to ask? Fill in your details in the form below and we'll consult our expert network to get them answered.

Obama admits 'we're not moving fast enough' to stop Ebola spread

21. října 2014 v 23:46
Barack Obama warned the world on Thursday not to "stand back" and expect the United States to combat the spread of the Ebola virus alone, saying a slow international response could cost hundreds of thousands of lives.Speaking at a special high-level meeting on Ebola at the United Nations, Obama said there had been progress in efforts to slow the disease at its epicentre in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. But he added: "We need to be honest with ourselves. We're not moving fast enough. There's still a significant gap between where we are and where we need to be."The international response had to be "like a marathon, but run at the pace of a sprint"."That's only possible if every nation and every organization does its part," the president said.

F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet makes combat debut against Isis in Syria

21. října 2014 v 23:44
It took an air war against a foe with minimal aerial defenses to bring the US air force's most advanced warplane into combat.The F-22 Raptor, a stealth fighter jet as star-crossed as it is beloved by the air force, finally took to the skies in anger on Monday night. It joined its more seasoned cousins the F-15 and F-16, as well as the B-1 bomber and armed drones in attacking Islamic State (Isis) training camps, barracks, headquarters and vehicles in north and eastern Syria.But Isis is hardly the foe that the architects, advocates and congressional allies of the F-22 anticipated the plane fighting.The F-22 is the air combat version of a luxury vehicle. While it carries air-to-ground missiles and guided bombs capable of precision placement from miles away - something the air force believes makes it a replacement close-air support jet for the infantryman's best friend, the A-10 - the F-22's air-to-air missiles and radar-evading stealth gear it to fighting through heavily defended skies above advanced adversaries.

Fewer Kiwis choosing to call Australia home as opportunities dwindle

21. října 2014 v 23:44
Australia might be the lucky country but it seems fewer Kiwis are willing to take a chance across the ditch.New statistics show just 30,500 people living in New Zealand opted to move to Australia in the 2013/2014 financial year, down from 48,000 in the previous year.On top of that, the number of people relocating to New Zealand from Australia rose to 22,200 from 16,800 for the previous period.New Zealand citizens were responsible for most movement in both directions.The figures confirm past monthly statistics indicating New Zealanders are opting to stay home or come home as Australia faces tough economic times.Migration has slowed to such a point that there was no net migration of New Zealanders to Australia in June, the first time this had happened since August 1991.

Obama to target 'inversion' firms moving HQ abroad to avoid US taxes

21. října 2014 v 23:43
Companies that seek to avoid US tax by shifting their headquarters abroad are being targeted under tough new rules announced by the Obama administration that it claims will dramatically reduce the benefits of so-called corporate inversions.The controversial technique, which has allowed companies such as Burger King to move abroad by buying a smaller foreign rival, had become a major test of White House resolve in the face of a failure to agree a legislation solution in Congress.But after several weeks examining legal options for unilateral executive action, Treasury officials say that a series of changes to their "administrative guidance" will suffice to stamp out much of the practice in future.

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