Anger in Tokyo after North Korea delays report on abductions

21. října 2014 v 23:49
Hopes for an imminent resolution to North Korea's abductions of Japanese citizens during the Cold War have dimmed after Pyongyang failed to produce a promised report on its initial investigation into the missing people.Having agreed to pass on their findings by the end of this month, North Korean authorities have said that the probe could last up to a year, sparking anger in Tokyo.Establishing the whereabouts of a dozen Japanese citizens snatched in the 1970s and 80s and taken to North Korea to teach their language and customs to communist agents is an emotive topic in Japan, where it is considered more important than Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.Five of 17 people on Tokyo's official missing list were allowed to return home with their families in 2002, but Japan has refused to believe North Korean claims that it had abducted only 13 people, and that the remaining eight had died.

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