Dennis Rodman to go back to North Korea – again

12. října 2014 v 9:32
Dennis Rodman is at it again, talking about two of his favourite subjects: sports and North Korea.The celebrity gossip website TMZ caught up with the former NBA star this week as he got on to a bus, and it was evident that he believes his sporting relationship with the country is still going strong.Dodging questions about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's recent time out of the public eye, Rodman said that he would be returning to the peninsula in November to bring pro-wrestling to the North.It was unclear whether Rodman knew that he is not the first to have this idea. Earlier this month a throwdown, organised by a Japanese wrestler-turned-MP, saw North Koreans wrestlers line up against an international competitors in front of dozens of reporters, tourists and celebrity guests. евро трек симулятор карта россии

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