Fall of the Berlin wall: share your photos, memories and stories

8. října 2014 v 21:54
The Berlin wall, erected on 13 August 1961 by the communist regime in East Germany divided not only the city but families and friends. We'd like to document the effect the wall had on those living and working in Berlin at the time but also the changes that have happened for people, on both sides of the wall, since it came down.Do you have photos or memories of the wall going up? What was life like for you and your family in east or west Berlin after the city was divided? Perhaps you were one of those who tried to escape or you know people who succeeded. What do you remember about the day the wall came down? How has your life changed since?We're hoping to map your photos and stories so we can see where along the wall they were taken, so please either ensure geo-locate is on when you submit your contribution or please tell us the address in the description box and also include the date when the image or story took place. serious sam русификатор

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