Guardian Australia fiercely defends its reporting on spy agencies

8. října 2014 v 21:56
In the past three weeks, Guardian Australia has published two influential news reports based on the NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The first, on 18 November, in partnership with the ABC, revealed that Australia's spy agencies had targeted the mobile phone of the Indonesian president and his wife. The second, published on 2 December, revealed that Australia's spy agencies had offered to share data about ordinary citizens.In light of the extraordinary level of media attention in these stories, I wanted to make a few points.1. The Guardian firmly believes these stories are in the public interestThere is much at stake here: fundamental questions about the kind of society we want to live in, the kind of privacy we want to enjoy as citizens and as a community, and the kind of oversight and remit we want our security services to have. озон.ру интернет магазин книги

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