Kansas Democrats may stymie GOP with obscure name on Senate ballot

12. října 2014 v 9:25
Democratic party leaders in Kansas could soon find themselves scrambling to find a Senate candidate with the most obscure or even repellant name possible, in a peculiar twist to an ongoing legal dispute over what will be printed on ballots in the state this fall.The Republican party's bid to regain control of the US Senate suffered a major blow on Thursday when the Kansas supreme court granted a request from a Democratic Senate candidate, Chad Taylor, who wanted his name removed from November's ballot.The decision was widely viewed as a boost to an independent challenger, Greg Orman, who is expected to soak up votes that would have gone to Taylor if his name had remained on the ballot, and it was a setback for the incumbent Republican senator, Pat Roberts, who has watched his opponents consolidate behind Orman. ирка хортица 13 книга

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