May’s anti-terror plans will be open to abuse

12. října 2014 v 9:35
I don't think that I will be the only one alarmed by Theresa May's proposals. Oh yes, they'll be welcomed in some quarters, but if I read them correctly, they represent the most draconian attack on freedom of speech in my lifetime (Editorial, 1 October). Added to the annihilation of our internet and telephonic privacy, they could take us into the Russian and Chinese domain of dissenter control. The argument that they are needed because of an ever-increasing terrorist threat fails against, for instance, the Northern Ireland "troubles" experience, where, deprived of, in Thatcher's words, "the oxygen of publicity", IRA recruitment thrived. And where will the censorship end? Investigative journalists, editors, actors, dramatists, criminalised for broaching the subject? фотошоп android

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