New Benghazi report criticises Republican fixation on facility attack

12. října 2014 v 9:37
House Democrats have launched a fresh effort to protect Hillary Clinton from renewed political pressure over the killing of US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, publishing a lengthy compendium of official reports and probes into the circumstances of the attack.On the eve of the launch of a special Benghazi committee convened by Republicans with new powers to summon witnesses but dismissed by their opponents as a politically-motivated stunt, a group of five Democrats on the committee claim their report, called "Benghazi on the Record", tackles the remaining controversies head on."To help prevent this committee from becoming another partisan witch hunt, this database clearly lays out many of the questions that have been asked and their corresponding answers," Washington Democrat Adam Smith told reporters at a press briefing on Capitol Hill. service pack 3 не устанавливается

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