Obama admits 'we're not moving fast enough' to stop Ebola spread

21. října 2014 v 23:46
Barack Obama warned the world on Thursday not to "stand back" and expect the United States to combat the spread of the Ebola virus alone, saying a slow international response could cost hundreds of thousands of lives.Speaking at a special high-level meeting on Ebola at the United Nations, Obama said there had been progress in efforts to slow the disease at its epicentre in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. But he added: "We need to be honest with ourselves. We're not moving fast enough. There's still a significant gap between where we are and where we need to be."The international response had to be "like a marathon, but run at the pace of a sprint"."That's only possible if every nation and every organization does its part," the president said. http://asepoka.ru/10-2013/index1.html

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