Radovan Karadžić tells war crimes trial there was no ethnic cleansing in Bosnia

8. října 2014 v 21:51
The former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić has told a war crimes trial there was no systematic "ethnic cleansing" of the territory under his control during the Bosnian conflict.Karadžić made the dramatic claim at the end of a five-year trial for genocide and crimes against humanity in The Hague, the biggest war crimes trial in Europe since the Nuremberg tribunal for Nazi atrocities.Taking advantage of his last opportunity to make a public declaration before a verdict is reached, Karadžić portrayed himself as innocent, and said the court was a politically inspired western creation that was biased against Serbs."It is the Serb people who stand accused," he said. "There was never been a situation where so many decent, innocent people, mostly Serbs, are imprisoned outside their country, while the murderers of Serbs go free. language interface pack

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